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Discover Why Most Real Estate Advertising Will Never Sell Your House

Posted by Pete Sabine on November 6, 2007

Most real estate advertising will never sell your house because it’s speaking to the wrong people at the wrong time.        

When people are looking through the real estate section and calling on ads, they are looking for a house right now, and less than 3% of the time do people actually buy the advertised house for sale.        

Most real estate sales occur because a person has built a trusted relationship with a Realtor dedicated to show them the houses on the market that meet their needs and wants in a home.        

The truth is many Realtors use real estate advertising as a short-term marketing plan to placate the seller, hoping to advertise the home on Sunday, have someone call on Wednesday and come out to buy that house on Saturday.        

The sad thing is that a sale rarely happens from advertising in a “retail environment” such as classified newspaper ads. Most serious buyers rely on their Realtor’s network and resources to find the right home in the best areas at a price supported by recent sales of similar homes nearby.        

The key lies in understanding that for every one buyer that’s looking in the real estate section and calling on an ad today—there are ten buyers who are just beginning to consider buying a house and will buy in the next six months…        

The secret is to tap into the buyers who are just starting to explore the market – and most Realtors don’t use anything but traditional advertising to attract buyers. These Realtors are missing a huge segment of the buying public.        

These people are not calling on properties yet, but they are looking to educate themselves about local real estate values, financing options and community information.        

How do you attract these buyers?        

You have to offer them something of value to them at the stage they are now. That means offering them free reports and guides designed to give people an education that will help them get to the point where they are ready and able to buy a home.        

We started attracting buyers for your home over six months ago using something called “direct response “ advertising tied directly to our internet web site.         

Making contact with these buyers at this stage gives us an opportunity to build a relationship with them far upstream in the sales cycle with useful and accurate information. We provide them with the resources to empower their decision to buy a home.        

The net result is a steady pipeline of qualified and educated buyers that may be the perfect match for your home. 

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