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Home Sellers: Why Buyers Love Model Homes –And How To Make Your House Show Like One…

Posted by Pete Sabine on November 12, 2007

One of the major factors in getting your house to sell quickly is simply put: make it attractive. Most buyers select their home based on emotion and then justify the decision with facts, so it is important to make the house inviting and pleasant. Yours is not the only property the prospective buyer will see. Your are competing with model homes, homes that may have been professionally decorated and homes that have no children, no pets and Mr. and Mrs. Perfection as owners. 

Start with the outside.

Are shrubs overgrown? Oil in the driveway? How does the grass look? Do the flower beds need weeding and mulching? Try very hard to see your grounds through an independent observer’s eyes. Trim the shrubs or plant new ones if they are lacking. Houses with no landscaping in the front lose thousands of dollars of value in the mind of the buyer. Adding a few well-placed blooming flowers also adds appeal. If the grass in the front yard is particularly non-existent, consider sodding. Do some price shopping on this; sod is not cheap but there are some good prices available. Let’s say it cost $1000 to sod the front yard, but your house payment is $2800 per month. If you save one month of selling time, you are $1800 ahead. (By the way, you can probably get away without sodding the back yard.) Kitty litter in the driveway will absorb the oil and grease stains. (Then remove the kitty litter.)  

Next, go around and clean up the yard.

Remove any toys, tools and/or building supplies. Here’s the acid test: if you don’t see it in a model home yard, don’t have it in yours. That goes for the bag of charcoal by the grill, too; however, the (non-rusty) grill can stay. If your grill has rusted, remove the rust spots by scrubbing with a wire brush or with coarse steel wool dipped in kerosene. After the rust is removed, clean the entire piece with mineral spirits. When the grill is completely dry, paint with a brush or spray paint.  Now look at the exterior.Is the paint fading or chipping? Is the color outdated or too personal? Is mildew or mold growing? If the house needs painting, choose a neutral color. White, cream (not yellow) and lightgray are good colors for appealing to most people. If you want some ideas for paint combinations, go look at 3 or 4 model home communities that cost $50,000-$100,000 more than your  neighborhood and copy one of them. One last note on painting: always give the front door and door trim a fresh coat of paint or stain even if you paint nothing else. Buyers stand at the front door waiting to get in; give them a good first impression.

Stayed tuned for our next post where we’ll have real estate trade secrets for preparing the interior of your home for sale.

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    Home Sellers: Why Buyers Love Model Homes -And How To Make Your House Show Like One… « Get Real Estate Help

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