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San Francisco Real Estate: KTVU Interview With Real Estate Consultant, Pete Sabine, and Ross McGowan – #2 in a series

Posted by Pete Sabine on October 15, 2007

During this 4 minute interview,  Ross McGowan poses questions of Bay Area Real Estate Consultant, Pete Sabine.  Topics covered include: the Bay Area real estate market as compared to the national market,  jumbo loans and their limitations in the San Francisco Bay Area, the recent interest rate cut by the Fed and it’s probable impact on the real estate market, and finally advice given by Pete Sabine to buyers and sellers of real estate in the Bay Area.

Click on the photo to view this interview on YouTube.




5 Responses to “San Francisco Real Estate: KTVU Interview With Real Estate Consultant, Pete Sabine, and Ross McGowan – #2 in a series”

  1. buildapipeline said

    Pete. I have enjoyed viewing both of your interviews. Very well done! I caught the second one ‘live’ but it’s great to see you on YouTube too. Ross McGowan is well known in the Bay Area and it is a compliment to your expertise that he’s invited you to interview about our real estate market. Will there be future interviews?
    Kelly St. Germain

  2. Hi Kelly. Thanks for taking your time to view my lastest TV interview with Ross McGowan on KTVU. My goal is to share my knowledge of the real estate process with the public through consistent TV and Radio interviews. The media has dedicated a great deal of exposure regarding the current real estate market both locally and nationwide. I feel its important to keep this media exposure in its proper perspective so the public has an accurate portrayal of the current state of affairs and the options that are available in this climate. Please contact me with any questions…

    Pete Sabine

  3. Hi Pete,

    Excellent interview with Ross McGowan on KTVU. It’s nice to see real estate colleagues doing such a great job of explaining what’s really going on in the real estate world. Pete Sabine, you are a true real estate consultant! You will definitely be the agent I call when referring real estate business to the Contra Costa County area.

    Scott Thompson, Realtor
    Oakland, Piedmont, Berkeley Real Estate

  4. Donna Gilliland said

    Nice segment; I actually heard Ross announce earlier in the program that he was going to have you on, but alas I had to rush out the door for work and missed it. Glad to have had the opportunity to see it. As you know, I’ve had several transactions with your team. My last purchase is now a rental unit for me, and renting it out has gone pretty well, especially in the currently strong rental market I’m happy to wait out the market for the time being. When do you think we’ll start to see a turn around.

  5. Hi Donna. Its good to hear from you and that things are going well for you. Donna, the current real estate market trends suggest that 2008 will be a challenging and perhaps a pivotal year for real estate sales and declining values. I believe it will be at least 18 to 24 months before our local real estate market reaches a supply and demand equilibrium. There will be a lot of great buying opportunities during this time period, however, I do not recommend selling in this climate. Take care and keep in touch. Pete

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